Who We Are/What We Do

In healthcare, it is a time to rethink, re-imagine, and re-envision deep shifts needed in all healthcare systems. It is a time to ask new questions and seek answers that are both new and old, fresh and seasoned, surprising and familiar. It is a time to feel exhilarated and energized, and it can also be disorienting and frightening.

With over 25 years experience in organizational transition, we guide healthcare leaders to create change by aligning organizational structures, systems and processes with your mission, vision and values.  Our expertise and passion is in leadership coaching and facilitation of transition processes.

We at NCA guide leaders as they walk through their own professional transitions and guide their organizations through the transformation needed today. Linnea has coached leaders of new and established organizations to develop and implement their mission and vision, strategic plans, and operational processes while dealing with all the challenges that arise in the process. As a result, clients have achieved high levels of effectiveness, providing greater quality of patient care and patient, staff, and physician satisfaction.

Coaching healthcare leaders allows you to have greater impact in less time, critical to meeting today’s fast-pace, ever-changing demands. In order to meet the needs of clients, Linnea partners with her network of highly experienced leadership coaches. Our clients have included the following:



Linnea Nilsen Capshaw, Founder and President