Transition Leadership

Organizations today must continually be reassessing their direction based on the changes in the culture and community around them. Linnea Nilsen Capshaw has been leading and coaching transitions in new and established organizations for over 20 years. Through a structured process of business planning, training, and facilitation of successful organizational strategies, NCA has assisted organizations in re-envisioning who they are and in implementing actions to achieve their new direction. 

We provide leadership of strategic direction processes for all types of organizations in need of change.  We’ll help you reconsider why you exist and how you can best achieve your mission given your current circumstances.  We’ll guide you to develop your strategies, goals and systems to attain healthy, effective outcomes. In the process we’ll assess your leadership capacities and help you determine how to lead an empowering organization.

We will assist you in re-engineering your organization to maximize your productivity, profitability and quality.  Through the development of team-based structures, we will help you empower your staff to work together toward your organization’s goals.  We will guide you as you develop a culture that’s open to continual transition to meet the rapidly changing needs of those you serve.